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Dead Pixels XBLIG Review

Developer – CSR Studios
Price – 80 MS Points
Genre – RPG Shooter (8-bit Zombie Sim)
Release Date – 9/15/2011
Marketplace URL – Dead Pixels
Rating – 9 out of 10

Review by: The Danger Pickle (Contributor)
So, I wake up this morning and get ready for the day. Sun is shining, birds are chirping, perfect day. Just as I am about to get my morning coffee I look up and wouldn’t you know it, ZOMBIES!!! Zombies are in my garden ruining my tulips. Well, I did what any red-blooded American would do, grabbed my trusty Chamber’s shotgun and started making zombie heads roll.

This is the basic premise of Dead Pixels. A side scrolling shooter/RPG available for X-Box Live Indie Games. Released by developer Can’t Strafe Right Studios, it is currently priced at a whopping 80 M.S. Points.

The game takes place in 1983 New York where an industrial accident at a chemical plant sends deadly toxic waste spilling into the ground. Eventually after 3 days the waste reaches the cemetery causing the dead to rise from their graves. After killing most of the population of the city, the newly dead become the walking dead. With the army in full retreat and the city quarantined the remnants of the survivors have secured an escape at the other side of the city, 20 blocks away.

Your goal, as the protagonist, is to then make your way through the horde infested streets, laying brain graffiti all over the streets as you go, and make it to the helicopter in order to insure your own freedom. The developer starts you out with basic over head tutorials in the first few moments of the game. Right trigger shoots right, left trigger shoots left, right bumper grenades right, left bumper grenades left, so on and so forth. After a few short rounds or so, depending on your gaming experience, you should be able to master the easy-to-learn control scheme.

With guns, grenades and upgrades to help you along the way, the game also has abandoned houses to search for goodies and traders to unload the junk weighing you down, and it will weigh you down. Whether seasoned or rookie, gamers will find a challenge no matter what difficulty you play on. The street layouts and horde spawns are set randomly, making a unique gaming experience every time you play. No matter how many times you play it.

Okay, okay, so it is an 8-bit game. Who cares? The way the game is developed you can tell Can’t Strafe Right was determined to get a nostalgic feel from this game, it is set in the 80’s after all. Unlike most Indie games, this one makes you feel the 8-bit was a choice and not a set back. The rolling rock metal riff in the background is tedious but it always seems to fit right along with game play and also adds to the adrenaline rush the game already provides.

Final Thoughts:

Zombie decapitation, multitudes of weapons and ammo, and free DLC, that’s right I said, “FREE”, this game is well worth the $1 I spent in M.S. Points to purchase it. More than likely the price will go up when the already frightening hype surrounding this game explodes. So get it while it’s cheap, although at any price it would be worth it. With only the graphics as an issue, which really isn’t in my opinion, Pickle gives this treasure a 9 out of 10. Now, If you will excuse me, I’ve got some zombie heads to ‘splode.


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