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Grid Legion-Deviant Remix XBLIG Review

Developer – Wind Jester Games
Price – 240 MS Points
Genre – Strategy & Simulation 1V1 Online Multiplayer
Release Date – 6/18/2011
Marketplace URL – Grid Legion – Deviant Remix
Rating – 3.5 out of 10

Review by: The Danger Pickle (Contributor)

Okay I may be an older generation gamer, and though Atari is still in my top ten list of video game changing history, what in the h-e-double-hockey stick is going on with the future of our game development? I know as an industry video games are always trying to stay one step ahead and trying to remain innovative and move away from traditional platforms. My big grief is the

lack of imagination some of the indie developers have.

I recently downloaded Grid Legion-Deviant Remix developed by Wind Jester. Grid Legion is a turn-based, 1-2 player, strategy/card game for XBLA Indie Games. I was shocked to see a new generation of developers try to take on this genre. Considering entirely that there are already half a million franchises that exist for the genre. Not only do they “exist”, but if Grid Legion is the war-horse for the indie franchises of the card game genres, the preexisting franchises have no cause to worry.

Grid Legion starts out simple, but it offers no story or plot deeper than beating the opponent. The all tutorial campaign simply puts you through matches to get the player used to the game play.

Fortunately for Wind Jester they did manage to hold my interest enough to play through the whole tutorial. All but the last 2 matches in tutorial are handled with default decks. Another point to the developers is the easy to pick up and play control system, but at other points it also feels a little too easy to be a next-gen console game. Offering no advice for deck building or mana pairing your whole goal is merely to simply wipe out the other player. The multi-player was less exciting, that is if you can find anyone else playing Grid Legion to even get an online match, and if you didn’t edit your own map then you are thrown into a game with a player that literally stacks the defense against you. Which could be an epically boring, drawn out waste of time.

The 2-D graphics did even less to sell the game and the classical music score was nice to fall asleep to. “Most” of the card illustration was beautifully done, but for either time crunch reasons or poor editing it almost seemed like a few of the cards’ artwork was hurried or improvised from concept sketches.

Final Thoughts:
I spent 240 Microsoft Points and 2 hours of my time on Grid Legion-Deviant Remix. After spending most of my time trying to build an appropriate deck, as the developers gave no advice for deck building, and essentially destroying the game’s joke of a campaign, I felt used and unappreciated. As if we as gamers were not worth the time to even attempt to make a decent game for. Ultimately the borrowed elements of other games and cliché “fantasy” style cards made me feel as if I had done it all before, but before was way more fun. Pickle gives it 3.5 out of 10.


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