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Boulder Dash XL XBLA Review

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Oh look, Rockford and Crystal are back, to dig deep and avoid those pesky boulders again. You may remember Boulder Dash when it made its first appearance in 1984 on the series of Atari 8-bit computers. Since then, Boulder Dash has been reinvented many times after trying to push every limit to captivate the awesome gem that it was. I can be honest, I completely forgot about this game. Boulder Dash wasn’t one of my favorite titles when I was younger, but was one game I sorely remembered.

Boulder Dash uses yet again the same concept, nothing has changed but the visuals. There is still the puzzle factor in this game, and seems to be improved. You still collect all the crystals as you have done in the earlier games just open up the exit.

The only real issue that I find to be the most annoying is the retro mode, beware this is really not a retro mode. Instead the retro mode looks choppy and feels really stiff in the control department. The standard mode is the most rewarding in gameplay, not to say the retro mode should be completely left alone. Just the standard mode is most rewarding in visuals and gameplay.

Final Thoughts
I would honestly recommend this title as a family get together time. Compare scores and have a good time. It isn’t everyday you get to revisit your childhood in such a game as Boulder Dash. I honestly think the XL in the Boulder Dash wasn’t needed. It really wasn’t that Extra Large, more like Extra Love…..I know corny. My Rating? Oh here ya go, 4 out of 5. Pick it up on the Xbox Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points. Remember Grab your family members and revisit the golden days of 8 bit gaming with a kick in the teeth for visuals. Oh yeah, Play as Crystal, if you don’t, you LOSE!!


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