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Indies at First Sight: Chester and Professional $tealer


Chester is by far one of my favorite platformers on the Xbox Indie Game service. The visuals alone are just a little percentage of what makes this game truly amazing. The gameplay is sweet and simple, you have your power ups and your projectiles used to destroy your foes. The levels vary in length, and they just keep getting better as you move along. There’s a ton of unlockables in Chester such as; Map overlays (Changing the way your world looks) and different types of chester, my favorite is the 8-bit chester. The soundtrack certainly has a catchy tone to it, which usually is the one thing I look for in an indie game, well versatile music to fit your gameplay. I honestly would not consider this first impression as a final judgement, I will tell you to go get this game. I am still playing it after the few weeks it has released and still enjoying it to this day.

Professional $tealer

This game is really corny, but fun. The artwork is that of stick figures, you play as a thief who must make his way through obstacles securing the money that has taken. I played the game for a short time, I honestly got annoyed with the concept, as I have seen way to many racing platformers on the Xbox Indie Games. The stick figure guy seems to small and most of his surroundings are hard to see and blend too much with the background, even in the earlier levels. Everything is mostly dark, and makes it very difficult to even see what is coming ahead of you. The soundtrack has a nice dub/techno vibe and fits the overall gameplay. I would honestly recommend you try the trial, as the title really can’t keep my attention for that long. There is an option to do local coop which is actually 10X better than single player mode. There are challenge modes for you to submit your high score to a score table via peer-to-peer scores. I will revisit this game for future review, as for now, just try it, some games are not meant for a lot of gamers.


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