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HyperShip Out Of Control iOS Review

Developers’ Websites – Fun Infused and Third Party Ninjas
Developers’ Twitters – Fun Infused and Third Party Ninjas
iOS Marketplace Link – HSOoC
Rating – 5/5
Genre – Shmup/Dodge’emup


HSOoC as many of you may know, is from the Xbox Indie Games and WP7 Releases. It now has released on the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone all for the same price, $1.00. That’s right, 1 motherf*cking dollar. The best dollar you would ever spend in your life for a mobile game. I for one enjoyed this Indie game when I played it on the Xbox, but everything seems to be improved here on the iOS. Hypership is a fast paced shmup/dodge’emup space game with various game modes and ships to play with.

The gameplay is super unique and difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. The object here seems to collect a big multiplier while trying to stay alive, the longer you stay alive the bigger your coin amount will boost. The multiplier has a cap of 5, for every 99 coins you collect, your multiplier jumps up another level. When you die, your counter is reset and you have to start the multiplier up again. You go through 10 waves, after those 10 waves you start from the beginning of wave 1 to keep your multiplier going and take over the online leaderboard. There are several powers ups that will help you along the way, so pay close attention when playing each time, you could get farther than you did before.

For the control aspect, it is pretty simple and much tighter than the Xbox Indie title, which makes it much more fun to play. You use the touch screen to move your ship all around the screen. There isn’t much to the controls, all you do is avoid stuff while your ship automatically shoots.

The visuals look really good for a retro arcade title and represents the mobile platform at it’s finest. Everything about the visuals is clean, crisp and smooth running. The soundtrack is rawkin’ and the effects just the same. Not many titles can live up to such a soundtrack, thus Hypership proves that with some time and investment, you can certainly achieve quality.

Final Thoughts
I can highly recommend this to the highest extent, I loved the Xbox version, I have not played the WP7 version yet. The $1.00 that you spend on this game will not go to waste, boot it up, compare scores with your friends and try all the different game mode. I might want to mention that you can do all game modes in reverse which is actually more entertaining than just going forward.


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