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Section 8 Prejudice Review

Review by: Tom Shirey (Contributor)

Section 8 Prejudice is a sci-fi based FPS created by TimeGate Studios that has some unique features than some of the other games you might be playing. This game takes place in the future on a different planet named Atlas that has been terraformed by humans. You play as Alex Corde the Captain of the 1st Regiment of the 8th Armored Infantry, with one objective kill the  enemy called ARM of Orion.

Section 8 doesn’t compare to Section 8 Prejudice, which has many more features and new gameplay. Section 8 Prejudice offers better gameplay and graphics compared to its predecessor. Section 8 was a Xbox 360 and Section 8 Prejudice is a XBLA game and to me that just makes it that much more exciting because TimeGate Studios added so much more to an Arcade game then they did to their actual game Section 8. TimeGate Studios has added new game modes that are awesome for instance their new mode conquest has to be the coolest thing ever. Section 8 Prejudice’s Conquest mode makes players work together to kill the opposing team and keep key points.

The Campaign starts you out as Captain Alex Corde of the USIF. Your Commander is interrogating an ARM of Orion General but he escapes and you must find him. The campaign is really fun and can be played by all gamers no matter how little or how much experience you have gaming. As you go through the campaign you unlock new weapons and items. The only problem I had with the game was that if you don’t move fast enough to your next objective the boundary closes up to the objective and you will have five seconds to get into the boundary. This has gotten me killed numerous times. The campaign is easy to understand even if you haven’t played the first Section 8 due to it retelling you what has happened.

Section 8 Prejudice’s  gameplay is one of the smoothest games I have played in quite some time. The game runs smoothly and obeys every command that you give it through your controller with little to no hesitation. Section 8 Prejudice has four game modes that have different objectives. The gamemode Skirmish is basically a TDM type game mode that allows players to gain exp by killing enemies and by completing certain tasks. Another game mode I played was Assault which is an attack and defend type game.
The goal of this game mode is if you’re an attacker to capture the enemy control panel and if you’re the defender its to defend your node for as long as possible. The third game mode I played was Swarm. Swarm is a unique game mode that allows players to capture control panels while stopping players from completing objectives. The final game mode I played was Conquest. This unique game mode combines all of the other game modes into it. The controls are easy to use and quick to learn. Controls to me are one of the important parts of a game because I don’t want to have to spend half of my time playing learning the controls of a game. The controls are rather smooth and do not require the user to keep button mashing to kill somebody.

The graphics on Section 8 Prejudice are amazing. I have never played an Arcade game that has had these kind of graphics. The explosions look insane and the bullet trails look somewhat realistic. The guns look like guns and not shapes which really makes a difference when on the battlefield. I can honestly say that Section 8 Prejudices Graphics caught my eye the first time I played it. It has very good sound quality such as the voice acting is terrific. It sounds like you are actually listening to the characters talking to you and the explosions and gun shots sound terrific.

Final Thoughts: Section 8 Prejudice is definitely in the top 10 arcade games for me. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is amazing. This game is worth buying for sure, TimeGate Studios did a very good job at this game. This game is for any CoD fan or Halo fan and any other gamer. I am going to keep playing this game for hours to come.


2 responses

  1. Dinesh Panchal

    it is showing error TonED.exe is not valid win 32..please tell me what should i do.. is it not a pc game ?

    October 18, 2011 at 7:17 am

    • This is for Xbox Live Arcade. We have no idea about the PC Version.

      October 24, 2011 at 10:19 pm

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