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“Happy” Released on Xbox Live Indie Games/Soundtrack Free Download!

By: Daizoren

If you’re an avid reader of, then you’ve been up to date on a game that I personally wrote the music for, “Happy” by Solloman Games. Today the game released over on Xbox Live Marketplace and I got to finally play the game I had contributed to. It’s a really fun game and exactly what it was meant to be, relaxing. I was laughing and enjoying every moment, albeit one level thrown in there to be a bit of a challenge. The game is $1 (80 Microsoft Points) and all of the money from the game will be donated to TAG Pet Rescue Centre in the UK.

Also, you can head over to and, in the games section, find out how you can get yourself a free poster for the game! *Note: limited stock, first 300 to respond*

If that’s all not enough for you and you want more free stuff, you can head over to my personal studio website, and you can download the entire soundtrack for free! That’s a lot of free stuff!

It’s been a pleasure working on this game and I hope you all enjoy it’s simplistic and entertaining premise. Masterblud will be reviewing the game so as to take out my own personal bias, so look forward to his review.


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