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Indies at First Sight: Take Arms and All The Bad Parts

Take Arms

Ya know, I am not one of those people who enjoys Black Ops. I do have to say that I am certainly impressed with this title. Although the only real problem I have with this game is the use of melee, melee is absolutely too strong when using it in multiplayer and single player, it doesn’t make a difference. The game offers both online and offline multiplayer, so i gave both a shot and was pretty satisfied with the end result of my victory. I landed at least a few spots on first while playing just death match, helped our team to victory in a team, and secured the flag in CTF. You have 3 classes; grunt, striker, and destroyer. Each class has specific weapons to aid the team to victory, using each of these classes takes a bit of time. The one class that seems to be having the most trouble is the sniper AKA the striker, when standing, you click the right stick and are completely blinded of your surroundings and left with a scope to carry you halfway across the screen. I had a few issues in the start when using striker, left him alone and switched to the destroyer who I think is most effective. I can say right now that my first impression will be solid to the review, as I do recommend this title as a fun multiplayer game to play with your buddies. Overall replay value is high, visuals are astounding, needs more music especially when the clock is counting down, controls are that to master and my rating right now is a 4.5 out of 5.

All The Bad Parts

Geesh, that name doesn’t sound creepy does it? Any who, ATBP takes you into what seems to be a middle school, some weird stuff happens and you can’t remember what happened or where you are. You do know that you are in a school, later down the line it seems your memory starts to come back. The school is invested with bug looking things (Yes that is the best i could come up with). ATBP is a beat em up side scroller with amazing visuals and story line. I haven’t played the game long enough to tell you the whole entire story, so let’s save the spoilers for later, maybe. I was extremely impressed at the was the game was presented on a whole, the dialog, the characters, going from room to room, and the humor that lies within. I can honestly say I did have fun playing this title for the short amount of time that it took me to tell you what I think. My initial impression of the game is high and seems to remain that way, this game will get a proper review, but would like to tell you that it is worth your time.


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