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Indies At First Sight! Raventhorne and Train Frontier Express


At first, the gameplay didn’t really catch my attention as much as I thought it would. I have had many studios I usually am dedicated to and feel that Raventhorne was by far really horrible to control. What I mean is that the stamina meter, it really isn’t explained too much in the game. That is basically the one flaw I found to be a recurring issue. I continued on to playing this Norse-Beatemup-Platformer, only to find that I actually started to get the hang of the stamina and was able to stabilize it. Raventhorne uses somewhat of an RPG element, well you’re playing as a character so wouldn’t all games be role-playing? The RPG element used is a level based system, as you level you get stronger, so does your magic and your stamina meter seems to level out effectively when reaching higher levels. As of right now my first impression of Raventhorne is still cloudy but you should give it a shot anyways. I enjoyed the minimal time I had to play this game to give you my first impression.

Train Frontier Express

Boy oh boy! Do you know how long I have been waiting for someone to create a title like this? Probably since the old A Train Game. I had a big fascination for simulation games, but this game really hits the spot like PBJ, Milk and cheese crackers. When I was younger I spent a lot of my time with small computer games, train models, messing around with C++ and building PCs. I got older and some of those things kind of washed away when I was near graduating high school. Train frontier express has brought a memory back to me and makes my childhood possible again just for 3 dollars. I was impressed not just by the visuals, but by the overall content it’s packed with. I mean you have quite a few train models to use, tons of scenery (including houses, trees,cars, and roads), and raising and lowering ground level tool. So many tools to play with, best part is, you can conduct your train that you have set up on the track, using different camera angles, even jump into the conductors seat or even jump into a passenger’s seat to enjoy the ride. You have full control of your train and that just makes it all the better. My first impression of this title boosted when I just loaded up a blank canvas to play on, I could do many things. Highly recommend this.


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