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The Adventures of REDD the Lost Temple Keeps Uprising on Fire!

The final uprising game has been released, although it is a few days late, the developer wanted to make sure REDD was ready for your gaming pleasure. REDD is sure to keep the uprising fire in our hearts, it may have been the last game to be released, but certainly is not the least. Follow the adventures of Redd in his first top down, action/adventure game. The world is in imminent danger from an unknown physical phenomenon and only the archeologist Allie and the explorer-for-hire Redd can save us. Navigate through a huge dungeon avoiding sinister traps, time based puzzles, and massive stone creatures to unlock the mystery of the Royal Amulet of Konira and defeat The Lost Temple.

Developer – Blazing Forge Games
Developer Twitter – Blazing Forge
Marketplace Link – Go Pick it up now!
The Adventures of Redd: The Lost Temple Features
3 game modes (Easy, Normal, and Hard)
4+ hours of gameplay
Unique lighting system
Fully voiced characters
Stunning 2D art in full 1080p HD
Original soundtrack spanning over half an hour

Redd’s essential weapon is his dynamite. He begins with the ability to carry only 4 sticks which slowly regenerate upon use. However, as he collects valuable coins from within the dungeon, he can purchase more powerful upgrades in the Bomb Shop (for instance, a larger bomb bag, larger explosion radius, and faster recharge time), as well as speed boots and an extra fairy pouch. As Redd moves forward through the temple, he discovers treasures that grant him powers much more mysterious and powerful than he bargained for…

The game is based around a challenging one hit system, making the player plan out their moves in each room in order to avoid certain death. Players familiar with action/adventure games will have to quickly calculate their strategies in order to survive many of the dungeons enemies and timed puzzles. Gaming fans looking for a new challenge that “takes you back to your roots” should look no further than The Adventures of Redd: The Lost Temple.


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