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Indie Review: T.E.C. 3001 (Special Xpert Replay Episode!)

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Developer- Phoenix Game Studio

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By: Daizoren

T.E.C. 3001 looks to change the world of the indie market by bringing a game that looks to have an arcade or even retail game look and feel for a cheap, indie price. A game that appears to have speed that would rival Sonic the Hedgehog and the platforming that would drive rage quitters mad, does T.E.C. 3001 deliver as one of the Indie Summer Uprising hits? Or does this speed demon crash in an abysmal pileup?


There’s no denying that T.E.C. 3001 may very well have some of, if not the best graphics of any indie title on the market right now. The maps, while seemingly occurring in empty computer space, have a beauty and appeal that a movie like Tron had. The robot you play is greatly detailed and the animations are extremely smooth and flowing. Every motion that the robot does, including the actual robot dance on the main menu, bring this machine to life as it speeds through every stage of the game.

The blurring effects and the levels all look wonderful at every moment in the game. Blazing through levels at high speed shows that a game like Sonic has some hope. The blurring effects are perfect and whenever the boost button is used, the swirling blur that occurs makes it even more amazing. These are the graphics to beat in the indie section of gaming at the moment.


The game is simple enough, get to the end of each level and collect enough batteries to move on to the next level. But the part that makes it interesting are the levels themselves. Each level is laid out with different obstacles and T.E.C. has to use it’s abilities to get past these or to manipulate them in it’s favor. Sliding, jumping, boosting and even skydiving all come into play with this title, leaving little to be desired other than more levels.

The controls themselves function perfectly. The smooth movement of T.E.C. from left to right and vice versa feel natural and they flow with an elegance of a well trained acrobat. Jumping from small plank to another small plank or from a jump boost onto a small platform are tests of patience and the ability to perfect techniques but also, once mastered, make a person feel like they’ve become a god of gaming.

There are occasional mishaps where T.E.C. will glitch through the ground or will hit something when it seems it shouldn’t. The hit detection can be a little sensitive at times and sometimes there’s a slight lag which could completely mess up a person’s flow and cause them to crash. Even with these small occurrences, T.E.C. has some of the smoothest controls around.


It wouldn’t be too much fun to just be running around at lightning fast speeds in a game without some amazing music, and T.E.C. 3001 delivers with a non stop, pumping soundtrack that makes you want to just play the same level over and over again in order to keep listening to it. It’s a techno based soundtrack, but it sounds amazing and every beat in it accentuates the game to the ears as the graphics accentuate the game to the eyes.

Replay Value

While the earlier, tutorial levels are boring and not useful after learning the basics, the later levels require an amount of memorization and trial and error that leave one wondering if the last level, or the last few levels, can be beat without failing. This can be done, but only after playing through the levels over a few times, which is not a problem with this title. Every level, once completed without crashing, makes the player feel a sense of accomplishment that also says that it should never be forgotten. Like learning how to solve a rubix cube, doing it over and over is key to remembering how to master it. It’s exactly how a gamer should feel after playing a game.



  • Amazing Graphics
  • Smooth and Diverse Gameplay
  • Heart Pumping Soundtrack
  • High Replay Value
  • Enjoyable Challenge


  • A Few Minor Glitches
  • Some Lag Issues

At this moment, Xbox Live Indie Games is starting to show it’s finest and some amazing games are making their way to the channel. This title may very well be one of, if not the greatest example of what an Indie Developer can do. Like Minecraft or Angry Birds, TEC may not catch on like those games, but it will certainly leave it’s mark as one of the games that really stepped up the bar for other Indie Developers to follow.

Graphics- 9.75
Gameplay- 9
Sound- 9.5
Replay Value- 10

Overall- 9.6

As a special treat, check out this episode of Xpert Replay: T.E.C. 3001


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