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The Cannon #XBLIG Review

Developer –Elemental Focus
Developer Twitter – Chris Powell
XBL Marketplace Link – The Cannon
Rating – 3.7 out of 5
Genre – Tower Defense


I am all one for pirates, zombies, ninjas, monkeys, robots and whatever the interwebs throws at me. Follow the internet sub-culture and you shall be rewarded with many indie games picking up on this. The Xbox Indie Games certainly has it’s fair share of zombie games. But no monkey games? What a shame, but everything else is there. I browse the marketplace on an hour to bi-hour basis just to see if anything ridiculous has released. More than likely at least 1 zombie/ninja/robot/pirate game releases every day or 2 days. Without anymore chatter on my side, let us talk about The Cannon.

The Cannon is a strategic tower defense game that will certainly test your patience as well as your brain. While using a rotating cannon, you are to defend your “Tower Cannon” with using many elements to destroy each enemy that is weak to each powers. You have your electric, fire, ice and one that really isn’t an element, the vine. Rope is by far the one thing I enjoyed playing with. Setting up a chain reaction by setting a pirate on fire and swinging him around destroying others.

At first you will enter the game and not know what to do, but there is a pretty good step by step tutorial, so don’t skip it. You learn each elements purposes and what it does to the enemy. There is waves that constantly bombard you, sort of like a never-ending horde mode. Each of the characters spit out rambling quotes distracting you from your objective, they come from all sides, more than likely they will destroy you. The cannon itself is something to get use to, at first I was just rotating the stick, don’t do that, it actually goes in the direction that you point. I found the controls to be standard and not too complex.

I am just going to say it, it isn’t that much to look at, but I usually look for the gameplay before I look for visuals. I have played some pretty ugly games in the past but the gameplay was most rewarding. Everything is pretty straight forward here, no bullcrap, just defend you cannon tower. The only plus side of the visuals is the actual powers you use against your enemy and how it affects them. Burn the peg legs off a pirate or just shock everyone in your path.

The audible department isn’t really all that fascinating, but humorous at most points. Just listening to the pirates scream or the robots shutting down just has me playing more and more. The soundtrack doesn’t really get me that much into the gameplay, but silencing the music and putting on your own will certainly remedy this situation.

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed The Cannon for the time that I played, I will still continue to come back to it, just to see how far I can get in the waves. I can recommend this title to the casual gamer, the game is pretty tough, but putting this in a category for casual gamers seems appropriate. If you are looking for a game for the family to work together, this title also supports local multiplayer up to 4 players. Altogether I give this game a 3.7 out of 5. Usually when my ratings are 3.5 and above, it means it is recommended on a certain level.


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