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Toy Soldiers Cold War #XBLA Review

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XBOX Live description: The Cold War is decided when ‘80s era action toys come alive and wage war! Toy Soldiers: Cold War blends intense first person combat with addictive action strategy, whether you’re scrapping solo or jumping into the fray with friends. Battle in campaign, competitive, co-op modes or fight for the highest score in mini-games!

Review By: Master Blud

Toy soldiers cold war takes you on an epic strategic adventure, with the use of keen references to the 80s media culture. This title takes part on the battlefield during the cold war, but instead of a battlefield, it’s an open toy box and little toy soldiers, tanks and aerial support. I actually use to have one of these toy soldier toy boxes my father had made me when I was younger, I had fun then I started to set them on fire, yeh pretty sick huh? Well most boys do that with their toy soldiers and don’t think anything of it.

From the first toy soldiers, everything has been improved. The gameplay is one of them, it uses the original layout and adds a little more bite to the title. What I mean is there is the use of power up cards, which is one of my favorite. One of these power up cards you use specifically reference Rambo, you know that incoherent soldier who just likes to blow sh*t up. He starts yelling at the opposite side asking if they want a war, they gotta war. Then he starts screaming out for his lover Jimmy, I dunno I found this hilarious and I never get sick of using him, he is referred to as commando in the title.

Toy soldiers cold war still uses bosses, even the first boss you encounter is super epic and leaves you on your toes. As for the aerial support, you can use such things as Helicopters and jets just to name a few. You use the aerial support to either take down crowds of enemies for a multiplier or gun down the other sides aerial support.

The controls have been improved from the first toy soldiers and feel super tight ad smooth, making it easier to take advantage of your enemy. It use to take forever just to figure out what you were doing. In this title destroying your enemy seems to be much more exhilarating.

The visuals are absolutely outstanding, from the level design, to the characters, makes playing with toy soldiers ok to play with again at 40 years old. The soundtrack to Toy Soldiers bring the 80s rock ballads back, I just couldn’t keep myself away from the game for the reason that the soundtrack has a Top Gun sort of feel. Sound effects are immersive and really compliments the gameplay and graphics.

Final thoughts:  I can honestly say, I wasn’t too fond of the first Toy Soldiers, for the reason that I did not enjoy getting owned by my enemy.  Most notifications were in a sort of blind area, couldn’t see who was attacking and made me lose so quickly.  I give Toy Soldiers Cold War a 4.6 out of 5.  I still brings the original Toy Soldiers impact with more of a Kick, Boom and Kapow.  I highly recommend this title for the strategic gamer, the hardcore gamer, and the occasional Black Ops player, since this does take part in that time frame.  Seriously get off Black Ops and do some strategy.


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