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Indie Review: Paintball: Splashes of Fun

Xbox Live Indie Games

80 MS Points

Xbox Live Marketplace Page

Developer- Candela Creations

Xbox Indies Developer Page


By: Daizoren

Candela Creations has seen fit to add another game to the indie section that uses to common Geometry Wars/Smash TV style of gameplay that we’ve all become accustomed to. Paintball has never really seemed to transfer well to console gaming, but does Paintball: Splashes of Fun have what it takes to make an enjoyable and entertaining game out of an activity that would be thought to be more transferrable to gaming.


Paintball: Splashes of Fun uses your avatar for it’s momentary way of showing who is winning each round of the game, but that’s the only 3 dimensional part of the game. The rest is a 2D, overhead helicopter view of the two characters playing. The animations are smooth but there’s no real substance to it. It’s nothing to really look at and each part of the game seems to just be a basic model. There are some shadows here and there, but the overall detail of the game is nothing special. It looks a lot like a flash game, which a lot of titles do on the indie channel, but this one is pretty plain.


This is a multiplayer game only, intended to be played between 2 people locally. In a world where online gaming is a huge part of gaming, it’s hard to feel the need to play a local 2 player game. That aside, the gameplay is smooth and works. The aiming can be a pain at times as it’s hard to completely target your opponent and hit them directly. A few shots may pass by when thought to be direct hitsm but it doesn’t detract too much except for on a couple specific levels.

There are 8 Chapters, or rounds, that pit you against your opponent in different scenarios. These are meant to change up the game a bit, but they don’t really add much at all. Such differences may be having to lob grenades over a train rather than directly shooting your opponent, one involves turning off the lights of the level and another has you standing in place and you can only move to predetermined spaces on the screen at the push of a button. These don’t make the game any more enjoyable and they don’t make it that much more diverse. A lot of times it’s just easier to go running at your opponent and just shoot at them until their bar fills and they lose, because there’s nothing to stop you from doing that.


The music doesn’t play a key role in this title and as such, it’s nothing special. It seems to be more of just a royalty free jazz session that someone decided would work for the entire framework of the game. Thus, the entire game plays the same track and it’s nothing interesting to listen. With a few good bass lines and a couple bass walks, it has a good foundation, but as a song, it seems to never deliver anything worth remembering.

Replay Value

Considering that every time the game is played, the exact same 8 levels are played and nothing new is introduced and it’s nothing more than a game of “aim, shoot, rinse repeat” with no true strategy involved, this title gets very boring before beating the 8 levels the first time. It might be a good way to pass some time if there’s nothing else in the game library and there’s nothing else to do while waiting for an active download to finish.



  • Smooth Animations
  • Simple Interface
  • Tried and True Controls


  • Not a Fun Variety
  • No real Replay value
  • Dull Music and Gameplay

Paintball: Splashes of Fun isn’t a horrible game, it’s just more of a title where the developer seems to have played it safe. It’s nothing new, it’s nothing truly interesting. It’s just there as another title among the hundreds on Xbox Live. There are many other titles that use this same control scheme that are more worthy of your $1, but this one might be fun for two young siblings to play.

Graphics- 6.5

Gameplay- 6

Sound- 5.5

Replay Value- 5

Overall- 5.75


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