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Imagine Me? Imagine You, helping an indie developer!

Introduction to Chris 

My name is Christopher Figueroa. I’m just one person, making a game called Imagine Me for Mac, PC, iOS, iPad, and Android.

I’ve been making games for years, I’ve received a lot of emails from people telling me to take my games farther, so here I am. Asking the community to help me make this game available to the World.

About Chris

Imagine me is a platformer game about a boy that wakes up in an unknown place. He doesn’t remember how he got there or why but he will soon find out. Travel and discover the memories and adventures of a young boy in a lost world.

he wont tell you the end… unless you really want…

Why he needs your help.

An indie game is only successful, if its community backs it. Chris wants to make a game that people want to show their friends, family and tell everyone about it. That’s why he need everyone to pledge any amount they can. The more everyone pledges the better the game can be!

If he make the goal, then an iPhone/iPad version will be made. If some how he exceeds the goal, all extra money will go to making the game available for future updates and a Linux version.

Also anyone that pledges will have their name in the credits as a sponsor.

The more the better

The more everyone donates the more impact you will have on the game. Whether your creating a character, wanting a certain game mechanic, or even putting a certain part in a level that you loved from previous games. The more you donate the more you have a chance to help chris make this game and to make this game something you are part of and not just a name in the credits.

What is the money for?

  • 100% of the money will be used for making this game better. (Music, Sound, more levels, better gameplay, time to test!)
  • iPhone/iPad, Apple Developer License, Android.

All money over the goal will go to:

  • A linux version of the game!
  • Independent Games Festival Entry Fee
  • Game Developers Conference San Francisco 2012
  • Game Developers Conference Europe 2012

Imagine Me The Card Game:

During his development process, Chris will also be making a card game version of Imagine Me. It will be available for everyone to purchase or people that pledge $250 or more have the option of receiving it.

Chris is a very big table top game player and would love to make this for everyone. So pledge and help make this happen!

Its all or nothing:

Please tell everyone about this and help me make my goal because if I don’t make it, I will not get any money at all!

What about after this game?

Chris wants everyone to know this isn’t just to make one game. This is to give him that leg up in the Indie Game world so he can start my own studio. Having his own studio will benefit not only him but you the player. He can directly reply to all questions and even make changes the community wants. Your support can help my future in game design and I can’t wait to show you the other projects, I have in store!

Want to know a bit more of the game? Click here and you can read about it!  or go Here to donate for the production of Imagine me.


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