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All “Happy” Profits Being Donated

By: Daizoren

As I have covered before, the Xbox Live Indie Game “Happy” by developer SOLLOMAN will be releasing within the next couple months, but did you know that all of the money raised by the game will be donated?

“T.A.G. Pet Rescue… brings you news from The Thanet Animal Group and of unwanted pets looking for new homes in Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and the surrounding areas.”

All profits raised from the game will be donated to the TAG Pet Rescue Centre in hopes to get more unwanted pets the homes that they need. If you wish to visit the site, you can click here. Their program is UK only, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind the exposure in other countries as well. They carry mainly dogs and cats looking for new homes but also have a few other animals ranging from hens and guinnea pigs to rats and hamsters.

So if you wish to add a donation to the TAG organization, make sure that you download “Happy” later this year on Xbox Live Indie Games. If you wish to see the game trailer, you can watch it below as well as early gameplay footage.

Full Disclosure: I wrote the soundtrack for the game “Happy”


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