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Cute Things Dying Violently XBLIG Review

Cute Things Dying Violently

Developer – Apathy Works
Rating 4.5 out of 5
Marketplace Link – Cute Things Dying Violently 80 MS Points
Soundtrack Link – CTDV OST Will be live August 24th at 12am
Level Editor Guide

CTDV as I refer to it, is a saw in your face puzzler with the use of physics, with a rewarding impact made by the ultra violent obstacles it has to offer. This puzzler has been one of my most anticipated Xbox indie games. First points of development were slow looking and felt it needed a push. Other than that, CTDV will make you scream for a sequel, possibly “ugly things dying beautifully” with rainbows and skittles instead of blood. You know you would buy it.

The gameplay is possibly the most amusing yet disturbing. But as most people know me, I like blood and torture in games, but I still hate scary movies/games. Anyways, you control a little target which acts as a sling shot, using your analog stick, you send the little blue critter fellas flying in direction you choose. Beware that there are devastating obstacles within each stage, such as fire, saw blades, bubbles, electric type fence looking things and the occasional wind to push you along while your little critter is gasping for air.

The object here is to avoid any obstacles that can cause harm to the critter, you must get to the elevator and queue up happy time music. I had no complaints in the controls as there is only one thing you need to do, get them to safety and shoot bombs at bosses. The game relies on your accuracy of where you shoot.

There is one of my favorite modes in the game, the level editor. The level editor to me, seems to be the most addicting part of CTDV, after playing though the campaign, I found myself revisiting the level editor making an experiment that The Saw movies would be jealous of. I tortured the living crap out of these critters. I loved every minute of it.

Although the visuals have changed since CTDV was in early development, they got their upgrade and look much better then the earlier stages. The game might not have that 3D awesome look that you kids nowadays look forward to, but rest assured, blood and happy fun time is in your realm.

The audible department of CTDV is humorous, it has catchy tunes and cataclysmic sound effects. Hearing the upbeat tunes while playing each level gives me a happy feeling like those kids who watch the new My Little Pony, it’s catchy and compliments the gameplay.

While playing each level I just can’t stop laughing at the most hateful things the little critters are saying. Also when the Hate boss starts talking about pinching my nipples, yeh he says pinch nipple. I do wish there was a closed caption so I can understand most of what the game is insulting me with. The critters hate me, but I love them……..going into a saw blade.

Final Thoughts:I had way to much fun playing this game, the blood, the obstacles, and the bubbles, you can’t forget the bubbles. I can honestly recommend this title to anyone looking to just demolish cute things or build a level with your friends. Hey you could even start your own drinking game and see how many critters you can kill in a set amount of time with the custom level editor. It’s a thought, right? Seriously go have fun with this title, I had hours of fun, and it’s replay value for an indie title is very high.


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