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Moon Cheese #XBLIG Review

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I remember my parents telling me that the moon was made of cheese, later to tell me that there was a man in the moon. Then school time came, I learned all of that is a lie. So is this game, well technically. There is not one ounce of cheddar goodness in this title. I was pretty much in “disappoint” at that.  Only a few ounces of cheese are found in this title.  I like cheese, I demand more cheese.

Moon Cheese is certainly one of those title that just makes you shake your head in confusion and wonder, “WHY THIS?”  Well it’s simple, the game reminds me of those iPod touch apps,  but this is actually a game.  With the one level it has, it’s pretty amusing, yet short.  You seem to be using a rocket to collect pieces of cheese as you higher and higher up.

You have 3 lives and must not hit certain enemies that look dangerous.  Such as pointy helmets and the color red.  The color red usually indicates a “Warning” and will kill you almost instantly.  There is ground enemies and then there is aerial enemies, both have different characteristics and purposes that they hold.  I haven’t made it all that far in the game, as there really isn’t an end but just to see how many points you can rack up.  Boosting in the air to grab what looks like, cheese.

The only time you even see cheese is either the side of the screen or when you boost up high enough to grab the floating cheese.  I had fun with this title for about an hour, kept coming back to it.  The soundtrack is a nice arcade feel as well as the sound effects.  The visuals are pretty impressive for such a short confusing game. The 16-bit graphics used in here really just compliment the whole entire gameplay, just like that movie Ratatouille when the mouse mixes the strawberry and the cheese.

Final Thought:  I can recommend this title on the fact that is amusing, absolutely pointless, and worth just a dollar. It’s 80 Microsoft Points, I mean this is way better than your usual small apps, like Massage, Flashlight or your occasional mood setter. I mean really who actually uses those. Stupid gimmicks make me sick. Any who this game is recommended to just have a good old fashion sit back relax and challenge your friends locally to see who can get the highest score.

Rating 3.5 out of 5


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