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The 2 Community Indie Games Summer Uprising Titles have been chosen

A long time has come, we have been waiting for the 2 community votes for the last to games to represent the Indie Games Summer Uprising.

Here are the 2 community chosen games that will be headlining the Indie Games Summer Uprising Event.
Redd: The Lost Temple:
Follow the adventures of Redd in this top down, 2D, 1080p, action/adventure game. The world is in danger from an unknown physical phenomenon and only the archeologist Allie and the explorer-for-hire Redd can save us. Navigate through a huge dungeon avoiding sinister traps, time based puzzles, and massive stone creatures to try and unlock the mystery of the Royal Amulet of Konira and defeat The Lost Temple.

Chester is a platformer I have been working on for approaching a year now. It’s very old-school in feel but very unique in it’s style. The majority of the game is hand-drawn but the user has the ability to switch between a number on unlockable stlyes including 8-bit, LCD, Sketch, Blueprint, and more.
The game will span several themed worlds (Forest, desert, candyworld, city, and others) with around 50 levels and several unique boss fights.

There will also be around 10 unlockable unique characters.


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