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Early Gameplay Footage of “Happy” Released

By: Daizoren

If you’ve been following the site for a while now, you might remember a while back that I did an interview with SOLLOMAN, an indie video game creator working on his first title. You can view the interview here. The game is called “Happy” and after many months of work, SOLLOMAN has released some early gameplay footage of what the upcoming XBLIG title will look like.

“Happy” is a title that is intended to be a relaxing adventure about a man who is sitting on a bench one day and literally rolls off the bench and embarks on a journey because he can’t stop rolling. The developer compared the idea to something along the lines of a peaceful version of Sonic, where you’ll be speeding through levels, but there’s a sense of tranquility to it. The game is still in an early form, as the main character’s rolling animation isn’t completed yet and the stages are still need a little tweaking, but otherwise it is looking to be a pretty fun, relaxing and entertaining title. You can view the early footage of this upcoming game below.

Full Disclosure: I made the soundtrack for the game “Happy”


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