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Raptr’s Side Quest Promotion: Win Superfantastical prizes for following these fun topics!

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With our recent collaboration with Raptr, we are going to post some Raptr events here on VVGtv.  I mean what better than staying in touch with the games we might love.  I know, I know, we cover indie games here.  But this is consider more of a news post in the world of gaming, than our usual reviews.  We aim to provide enough content for the reader, so he or she will enjoy their visit and find much more on here.  Well without me constantly mumbling on here.  I bring you Raptr’s Side Quest Promo.

The gaming world is vast and wide. Trying to discover it all on your own can be a very daunting task. Here at Raptr, we try our best to help you cover as much ground as possible. By searching for the most interesting topics and highlighting them for you, you’re bound to not miss a single beat from the gaming world.

So we’re running a fun promo to highlight some gaming topics that you might have missed. If you find any of these topics to be interesting, check out the topic page and click on the FOLLOW button on the upper right to follow that topic on Raptr. Not only will you get the most interesting content related to that topic delivered directly to your news feed, you’ll also be entered for a chance to win some fun prizes, all of which are listed below.

Each topic has its own deadline to be entered in the prize drawings, so hurry and start personalizing your news feed now! If you’re already following these topics, then all the hard work is done since you’ll be automatically entered. Don’t live in the U.S.? Don’t worry! The contest is open worldwide!

List of topics to follow:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The latest Deus Ex game features tactical gameplay that focuses on making critical choices at any moment. Make a smart move now by following it on Raptr and stay updated on a game that’s building up to be one of the best games of the year. We’re giving away a copy of Deus Ex: Invisible War (PC). Ends Aug 20th, 2011!

Madden NFL 12 – There’s three things in life that’s certain: Death, taxes, and a new Madden game every year. It’s almost 2012 and that means we got another one coming! Follow it on Raptr to get best the Madden coverage and be entered for a chance to win a set of Flag Football gear. Ends Aug 23rd, 2011!

PAX 2011 – This three-day gaming festival will produce big announcements, incredible cosplays, and so much more! Stay updated on what gets announced by following PAX on Raptr. We’re giving away a swag bag full of stuff! Ends Aug 28th, 2011!

Wii – Credited for being the first console to make motion controllers popular, it would be silly not to return the favor. Get the best Wii content by following it on Raptr. We’re giving away a swag bag full of Nintendo goodies, plus a Wii game of your choice! Ends Nov 15th, 2011.

Nintendo DS – Even though the 3DS is already out, your DS shouldn’t have to suffer. Follow the Nintendo DS topic page on Raptr for a chance to win a handful of replacement styluses! Ends Nov 15th, 2011!

Lord of the Rings: War in the North – The popular Lord of the Rings saga continues in this next big game. Lucky for you, you won’t need to trek through Middle-earth to get the latest news, just follow it on Raptr. Plus if you do, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a replica of The One Ring. The Precious! Ends Oct 25th, 2011!

The OneUps – The OneUps is a band that makes music from just about any game. Keep up with what they’re working on next by following their topic on Raptr. They’re giving away download codes for their albums. Ends Nov 1st, 2011!

Zombies – Can’t get enough of the living dead? Satisfy your urge by following the Zombie topic page on Raptr.  We’re giving away the book, “The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead.” Ends Oct 31st, 2011! Get it? It’s Halloween!

Cosplay – Whether you like to dress up yourself or watch other people do it, it’s a great feeling seeing your favorite characters come to life. Follow this topic for a chance to win a face paint kit! Ends Nov 1st, 2011.

Podcasts – Podcasts are your ears’ favorite little treats. Plug in your headphones and start exploring the wonderful world of Podcasts. Follow this topic for a chance to win Nox Audio gear. Ends Nov 1st, 2011.

We’ll have more fun topics for you to follow and more prizes to win, so come back soon!


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