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Article by: Master Blud
Hey guys and gals, I am here to tell you about an exciting new distribution service for indie games.   There seems to be a lot of platforms handling the care of the most precious of indie games.  I mean we have Steam, Desura, Indie City and GamersGate just to name a few.  With most recent press, there seems to be a new one of these apps coming soon to our home computers.  What? That’s right! A home away from home called Little Indie.  It may not look like much now, because they only have a few games listed on the service, but come on, everyone starts out small and then explodes into the best thing ever.  A lot of people seem to turn down indie games, or just don’t understand them.  Not all indie games are mindless garbage.  But the thing is, when you want to represent yourself as a developer, you have to remember there are many others just like you trying to represent a platform.  With most anticipation, I would like to present you information on this service you can join. Below is attached trailer and info about the service, as well as contacts for the service.

LittleIndie is a cooperation between the three companies Z-Software GmbH, MediaGuild UG and Mittelpunkt Media GmbH.

LittleIndie Facts

LittleIndie brings exciting features to independent developers as well as to the players. A list of features which are available for indies who want to publish their games themselves is available separately.

Advantages for players:

– Huge source for creative, independently developed games – Small and lean client which uses few system resources – Achievements and online scores – Online storage for savegames (game dependent)

– Games can be played everywhere the client is installed – Game features can be extended with DLC (game dependent)

Although planned for the near future are features like:

– Chat function through the client – Integration into social networks – Matchmaking -…

How does it work?

When the player finds a LittleIndie-enabled game, he’ll just have to create an account at LittleIndie and complete the checkout process. Then he’ll be asked to download the LittleIndie client, which will download the game to the players computer! Now the game is available to be played!

Of course, the whole process is quicker when the player already has a LittleIndie account, in which case the game will be directly downloaded after the checkout process completed.

If you’re interested in more information, please contact us:

Z-Software GmbH Joseph-von-Fraunhofer Straße 20 44227 Dortmund

Phone: +49 (0) 231 9700 780 Web: Email:


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