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Microsoft Gives Xbox Indie Games Top 10!

Article By: Master Blud
Could this be a permanent thing for Xbox Live Indie Games? I sure as well hope so. Earlier this evening, Pointed out by Dave Voyles of Armless Octopus On twitter, stating that the Xbox Live Indie Games have a Top 10 on the Xbox Live Dashboard. I was in utter confusion at this point, then to take a look, I was absolutely dumbfounded. Could the strong community we have with Xbox Live Indie Games finally get out to Microsoft themselves? In recent events, the Indie Games Summer Uprising is close. Could this be the work of a strong community reaching out, and working together? If it is, then we should continue to support these events such as

the Indie Games Summer Uprising and Indie Games Winter Uprising. Keep the community strong. Congrats to those who made the Top 10 this week of Genres. Like Kotakus List, one can only hope that it actually changes every week.

Below is Attached Screenshots and Video Coverage of the Event.


2 responses

  1. These are not the top selling XBLIG. This is incorrect and MS should correct!

    August 8, 2011 at 10:51 pm

  2. “this is not the Top 10 Selling of this week.” erm, of course it wasnt. It never even said it was. It said it was the ‘TOP 10 indie games’
    “hopefully it will be fixed” – it didnt need fixing. If you read what it said in your screenshots, itd be clear what this feature was going to be. But now, thanks to your emails, theres nothing to fix. Thanks a million.

    August 9, 2011 at 1:55 pm

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