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From Dust XBLA Review

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I know fans are going to hate me for this, but I am getting pretty sick and tired of playing minecraft, fortresscraft and so on. I have yet to see it expand, until now. Although From Dust does not fall into that exact category, it feels almost the same but with more beauty and an actual goal in the game. I have never ever seen such a title, except Sim City 2000 to rely on you as the ruler.

In from dust you play as what is called The Breath, an entity very powerful, enough to move mountains, dry up land, and flourish a forest of everlasting resources. A ambulant tribe depends on your guidance on what to build, and where to go next. Some points you may get frustrated with the tribe, but your playing as someone who controls a world, a community, fate and and disaster. Although, you have to prevent these tribes from getting swallowed up by the land that they live in. Natural disaster isn’t the prettiest thing, well maybe, on National Geographic.

Gameplay is super hard when venturing farther into the title. The land becomes more difficult to contain, and the constant cries for help from the tribe will test your patience, I might want to mention, that the tribe needs swimming classes and there should be an option to turn on the local pool and give them floats. As you play as the Breath, you’ll start to notice more changes in the environments, although I really wouldn’t like to spoil it, but about halfway in, the ground starts to move, making it harder for you to construct safety for the tribe.

When playing, you guide the tribe to totems and shrines, thus enhancing your skill as the breath. Some of these skills are, gelatin water, evaporation and putting out fires, just to name a few. The disasters are what makes the game worth playing. Although you have to save the tribe, it will become nerve racking when that disaster is about to itm you will feel quite accomplished afterwards. From dust controls very easy and I had absolutely no problem with it. The breath is shown as a little worm type cursor, it is used to target areas to either send a tribe or pick up the ground below them.

My impression on the visuals was absolutely in a total wow factor, I mean come on, even the trailer for the game says it all. From the sand, ocean, lava and much more, you stop to just look at the beauty within, be careful though, too much time gawking can lead to disaster. Even when a disaster hits, it is absolutely breathtaking. The effects and soundtrack in From Dust were really not that helpful, but it did give me the experience that I thought it should. Nearing disaster, the ambient environment around the world starts to build and makes you work faster, thus accomplishing what you were sent to do. The sound of the tribe is aggravating, but they let you know that they are there, worshipping you, waiting for your next command, it’s helpful, believe me.

As I usually do, I come to my final thoughts. The game starts out slow, and slams you in the face with constant disaster. I absolutely love From Dust now, it gave me such a challenge that my complaints turned into positives. I mean really, who doesn’t like a challenge. From Dust gives you that feeling of control over what is in front of you. I would have liked to see some sort of sandbox mode, where you can just call upon disaster whenever you would like, and fix it then nect. It would make the game really fun, possibly DLC? We don’t know yet. For now I leave you with this, go buy it, I was not disappointed upon first impressions, I give From Dust a 4 out of 5.


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