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Them Blockz #XBLIG Review

“Them Blockz”

By: Underwood Lynch

* Developer – GLHF Games
* Genre – Puzzle & Trivia
* XBL Marketplace URL – Them Blockz
* Release Date – 6/16/11
* Try or Buy? – Try
* Price – 80 MSP ($1) each
* Rating – 3.2/5

“Them Blockz” – Xbox Live Marketplace Description:
In this game you can complete 42 levels. The game works in a way that blocks stick to the player, basically limiting the movement of the player. Later on you have to use the same blocks to gain usage of otherwise useless blocks.

Them Blockz, on first glance, really made me think. The simple yet effective presentation of the menu screen was reassuring in that at first, what you see is what you get – a simple puzzler with an interesting twist. However after a fairly comforting first few levels, a feeling grabs your spine and your instinct kicks in once more. Them Blockz is evil.

Gameplay is simple, as with the most effective puzzlers on the market. You take control of a purple square with a special magnetic pull that allows you to connect yourself to other coloured squares and move with them as part of a larger object. The goal of each level is to fill each coloured hole with the correct squares, with only the control stick being necessary to complete levels. However, this assumes that you are either a sentient piece of technology with the raw processing power of a small planet, or that you’ve completed the game once before.

There is no death. If you make a mistake, you may not even know it. Your only escape from the inevitable sense of failure and despair is the Y button, which allows you to reset the level. More often than not, you may find yourself making the same mistakes and falling into the same traps more than once, at which point my earlier statement of this game being evil may become more and more agreeable to you. To add insult to injury, the music is oddly soothing and calming but by no means unenjoyable.

Them Blockz is a challenging game, depending on your patience. If you’re looking for a simplistic puzzler with kind visuals that you could play with your children, it is an option. By the time they finish it, they’d be very intelligent yet cynical. If you’re looking for a simplistic=looking puzzler with the intelligence of a devious fictional super villain, working against you and testing your brain’s full potential, then I’d recommend this game without a second thought.


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