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Bastion XBLA Review

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Written by: Master Blud
Do you ever remember a certain voice from your past? Have you ever had some random man on the street start telling you a story? Did you ever have a strong imagination, so strong you would believe it was really happening? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are surely in luck.

Bastion takes place after a disastrous attack that left a whole world broken and shattered, soon after the world became infested with creatures big, and small but dangerous nonetheless. You take control of a Narrated story from a gentleman known as the stranger, you emulate the story with the main character called “The Kid”. The kid is destined to rebuild Caelondia from what Calamity had destroyed.

Bastion is an Action RPG game that speaks so many words to me. This title will make you emotional at points and think real hard about what is going on in your own life. I have seen a lot of RPGs, but nothing quite like this one. There are points in the game where it just gets really intense and then it starts to slow down. I can admit to you, that a lot of games get me right in the heart. But for Bastion, it gets even deeper.

I really enjoy the visuals in here, they really went above and beyond my original expectations when I had seen the early videos of it. There are a lot of trippy effects in the game, actually, most of the game is pretty trippy. Since the game is mostly a story of what happened, most of it is in a dream effect. The soundtrack is the one part that stood out the most to me, the acoustic melodies and intense boss music makes me want to play it over and over again.

The controls of this title were a little wonky at first, as I had been almost falling over every edge. This didn’t really effect my overall experience with the controls as it was just one minor problem. There are abilities to gain and weapons to collect, as well as upgrades for the weapons. Each weapon has its strength and weakness. You earn more weapons as the story continues, you also get a shield earlier on to protect yourself and also counter-attack what is attacking you. The gameplay is fun, and there are challenges to be had within. The challenges are called the proving grounds, which you must complete certain tasks in order to earn special prizes such as upgrades. Be warned it will not always take you the first time to complete one of these challenges.

Final Thoughts: My overall thought of this game is an absolute buy. I love just sitting back most of the time not even playing the game. The soundtrack alone is really superb. The narrator just gives me a warm-hearted feeling like when I was younger listening to my father read me a story as I lay down for bed. Bastion, the stories you tell, I hope for more titles from this developer. My final rating on the title is an enjoyable 4.8 out of 5.


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