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Coming soon, Honor in Vengeance II #XBLIG! A beautiful 3D shooter!

MichaelArts Announces “Honor in Vengeance II” for Xbox Live Indie Games
The second installment in the Honor in Vengeance series will be available August 5th on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Mt. Vernon, Illinois – August 2nd, 2011 – MichaelArts will continue the Honor in Vengeance series with the release of the new sci-fi space shooter, “Honor in Vengeance II”, on the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel.

MichaelArts, headed by the 18 year old Michael Hicks, made their Xbox 360 debut with “Honor in Vengeance”, last January on XBLIG. The game focused on the story of Juno Lucas, one of the top pilots in the steadily growing Martian rebellion. The Martian’s plans to win their independence from Earth’s abusive government, the UNAF, plows forward as “Honor in Vengeance II” picks up where the first left off, and includes a good number of gameplay additions and improvements.

“It was great to bring back the original development team, and also bring in some new people to help this time around,” stated Hicks, who recruited a small team of talented individuals to work on the first game. “We’ve spent a lot of time and effort working on this game, and I feel like our work has paid off.”

“Honor in Vengeance II” will be released this coming Friday, August 5th.


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