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VVGtv and Armless Octopus Xbox Community Playdate

VVGtv and Armless Octopus are to have a set date for a Community Playdate on August 12th at 8pm-11pm EST.

The game being played is Monday Night Combat

Swag courtesy of Uber Entertainment
T-Shirts and Hats or Beanies, Your Choice. Also a nice Pit Girl Poster to join your package! Chicka Yeh!!

There really aren’t any rules
Just have fun and each person from the Gamertag list will send you an Xbox Live Message if you have won the prize.
The Prizes are set to their Gamertags rules, whether it be random or Top Points of the evening.

Message the Gamertags on the list  1 hour before gametime, to possibly get a game invite.

The Prizes will be announced Via Websites involved.  The Winners will be messaged VIA Xbox Live, or will be prompted to e-mail our secret e-mail.

Master Blud
Dave Voyles
Saturn III

Have any questions about the community playdate? Hit up Master Blud on Twitter


One response

  1. DonnyD

    Count me in. GT: Donny D 80

    August 2, 2011 at 3:46 pm

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