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VVGindiecast Episode 8

Join Vintage Video Games TV’s Master Blud and guest Sean Doherty of Freelance Games Creator of Trailer Park King and Starchon. We discuss the Xbox LIVE Ratings abuse and go back and forth talking about Silver Dollar Games recent titles, it seems like they are not making much crap anymore, but more games that actually have a purpose. Join us in listening to this episode.

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VVG indie cast Ep.8 (Right Click ->Save As to save file – File Size Approx. 85mb MP3)

Having Trouble Listening? Click This Link and go Directly to the Podcast

Featured in VVGtv’s 8th podcast episode are a few fresh and new Xbox Indies. We also interview and rant with Sean Doherty of FreeLance Games.
Xbox Indie Games featured in VVG Indiecast #8 Click each image to be brought to the titles marketplace link:

Lair of Evildoer

Bunker Buster


Grand Theft Froot

Trailer Park King



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