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Evading? Kinect moves further with Indie Titles!

Article by: Master Blud

I have seen many developers create indie titles using Kinect controls.  I have yet to see many finished products to be released.  With this game I am about to show you, will definitely make you want to pick it up.  What’s good about picking it up? Well it is free from the developer.  There is no catch really, they want you to give the game a try.  Also there is a voting process called “ASUS Xtion PRO Developer Challenge” where developers show there games to gain votes from the community.

Below is attached Press release of the event and Game.

We would like to present you “Evade”, an Unity3D based game that uses the Kinect as an input. The rules of “Evade” are simple: the player controls a virtual avatar with his or her own body. The goal is to successfully evade all incoming obstacles as long as possible while the number of these increase over time. The simple, yet effective gameplay is combined with a clean and unique visual design in order to deliver a special experience to the player.

To go and Vote on EVADE click this link Evade Submission.

This title was developed by Edwin Guggenbichler and Steven Stojanovic,
two students during the 6th and final term of the degree program MultiMedia Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg in Austria.

To download the full game: (Evade Full PC) Remember to vote for Evade Submission if you truly feel they deserve the vote.  Remember this title requires you to have a Kinect and a PC.

To see other submissions Click Here please vote fairly.

Below is attached screen shots and trailer for title.

Screenshots of Evade



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