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TIC Part 1 #XBLIG Review

Developer – Red Candy Games
Genre  – Platform Puzzler
XBL Marketplace URL – Here
Release Date – 6/21/2011
Try or Buy? –  Buy
Price –  240 MSP ($3)
Rating – 4.5/5

Xbox Live Description

Take on the role of a unicycling, wall-drilling, helicoptering, mining robot, Tic, in the first 3 chapters (+9 challenges!) of the artfully-crafted action-adventure series from RedCandy Games™. Stunning 3D-composited high definition visuals, a catchy soundtrack, captivating story, and fast-paced gameplay makes this a rare and unforgettable experience only on XBLIG.

Written by: Master Blud

I could only imagine what it would be like to go underground or to see the stars. The times I tried to even ride a unicycle, I failed miserably. I came across this title by accident, and I have to say it caught my eye and made my jaw drop. The visuals stand out pretty well, but it isn’t just about what you see, it’s mainly the gameplay. With TIC, all these things I had mentioned are possible in the game. It may not be reality, but it brings the gamer one step closer to imagination.

TIC as I am really going to call it, is a different platform yet beautiful and easy to get into. Using different points of your environment to get through each stage is one of the main reasons why TIC is “Different”. TIC is also a puzzler, but when mixing both puzzle and platform, you get one hek of an experience.

You take on the role of TIC, who is an industrial unicycle steam whistle propelled robot, I know that is a long description, but it is what it is, I see what I see. TIC is from an oil mining town called Copperville, he is asked to take down a company called EvilCorp. EvilCorp has drained the town dry of their oil well, and it’s up to TIC to save the town. Along the way you meet some Mole people. These people don’t really have much to say, but throwing demands at you to stop the EvilCorp.

The gameplay feels really smooth and had me feeling at most comfortable state. I have honestly no complaints about the gameplay, although it is sort of short, but that is what episodic games are….short! When I say short, it consists of 3 chapters, the chapters are pretty big, just breezing through the game isn’t enough for me. I myself try to unlock most of everything in a title before I decide to review it, I have had an absolute ball playing as TIC and just makes me proud to see this title come to the Xbox Indies as one of it’s prized Gems.

Many of the gameplay features include Hover, boost, and drill. You have the hover and boost at the start, when starting each chapter, you lose your drill and have to earn it back again. How do you earn it back? Well Collect acorns! When getting the drill ability, you can navigate underground where certain patches dirt where you can drill. Using hover can bring you high into the skies, boosting up with arrowed acorn patterns will surely give you a boost. The controls are really solid on this title, it’s a platformer, what would you expect?

As I was still continuing my gameplay, I stopped to admire the visuals of the TIC, the way the sky moves, the way the ground moves, and the way everything moves in-sync. The visuals are outstanding and gorgeous, giving me a happy feeling inside playing as TIC and helping the townsfolk from becoming not such a pretty town. What I admired most of all, is the underground and sky parts of the chapters. When going up into the sky, gives you an ambient vibe and just so gosh darn beautiful to look at.

On the underground side, you have many rooms to endure, whether it be guiding through a tricky situation, such as not getting squashed while trying to escape or losing airtime and dying in a patch of thorns. The soundtrack is a whispy relaxing tune, with just the right amount of edge to make sure you don’t go overboard. I found myself humming the sweet melody of TIC as I was continuing my adventure trying to unlock as much as I could with unlocking my controller, if you know what I mean. 😉

Tic is wonderful. I highly recommend it. I could not find anything really worth whining about. The game is beautiful, it plays great, and I am sure you will be ready for the next installment. The atmosphere will probably be the one main reason why you would pick this up. I can recommend this title for all ages, and all other genre “Type” Gamers.


One response

  1. Nice review – I bought TIC a few weeks ago and enjoyed the play through of the first episode. However I was hoping for more unique upgrades and a little longer play time, but like you said the game is split into episodes so hopefully we can look forward to more awesome things to come.

    July 21, 2011 at 11:15 am

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