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Indie Games Summer Uprising gets down to 8!

The Press Release for the Indie Games Summer Uprising

The Summer Uprising 8 developer selections have been chosen!

The Xbox Indie Games have come a long way, from the infamous Winter Uprising and now the Summer Uprising, These titles will surely make you scream for more. Recently on July 17th, was a tally of votes from the developer community. Shortly after, we received a press release for the final 8. There seems to be 2 more slots to fill, thus meaning the Community gets to vote. Below is the press release and Video from VVGtv of the Top 8. Enjoy. – Master Blud and the VVGtv Team

On Sunday July 17th, the final votes for the 8 developer selections for the Indie Games Summer Uprising finally arrived, and with that we gladly announce those who will headline the promotion:

T.E.C. 3001
Train Frontier Express
Doom and Destiny
Speedrunner HD
Take Arms
Cute Things Dying Violently
Battle High: San Bruno

Community is requested! From Monday, August 1st – Sunday August 14th, fans will have the opportunity to choose two (2) titles that they would like to see as part of the promotion on any of the remaining candidates from the IGSU entries page. Voting will take place on the IGSU Facebook page. Winners will be announced during the #IGSU Twitter chat.

The #IGSU Twitter Chat will be held on Tuesday Aug 16th – 9PM EST, and the gaming community will have the ability to speak directly with the developers, organizers, and journalists in a roundtable style chat. As mentioned before, the two winners from the fan vote will be announced at this time as well.

Indie Games Uprising Summer Schedule:

August 1st – August 15th: Community voting for 2 additional titles they would most like to play

Tues Aug 16th – 9PM EST: IGSU Developer Twitter chat, community winners announced

August 22nd – September 2nd: Promotion and release of 8 developer and 2 community voted titles

Regards, -Dave Voyles & Kris Steele

If you would like to arrange for developer or coordinator interviews, please contact Dave Voyles and Kris Steele at and


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