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Antipole Coming to DSiWare

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

By: Mr. Deeke
Quite rarely do we ever see Independent XNA developers cross over to both PC and the Nintendo DS handheld system, yet that’s exactly what Saturnine Games has done with their upcoming release of Antipole as a downloadable title on DSiWare.
Antipole is an enjoyable and unique side-scrolling platformer which is somewhat reminiscent of Valve’s Portal series in it’s gravity-based physics and also has a bit of puzzler aspects thrown in the mix as well.
The Indie platformer is set to be available on the DSi Shop digital marketplace on July 21st for 500 Nintendo Points or on the 3DS  eShop for $4.99. Only three days to wait until you can defy gravity and float on ceilings in this original sci-fi 2-D platformer adventure.
Additionally the title is also available both on the XBLIG Marketplace (400 MSP, $5) and on PC ($4.99), and in celebration of the game’s crossover the devs at Saturnine Games have made Antipole’s soundtrack available for download.
For more information on Antipole and the Independent XNA studio that developed it, Saturnine Games, please visit their official website.

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