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Indie Games Summer Uprising 25 Tribute Trailer

In Order of Appearance:
37 Days to Die
All The Bad Parts
Battle High: San Bruno
Blossom Tales - Has Pulled from the Uprising 25.  We hope to see this title soon though.
Cell: Emergence
City Tuesday
Cute Things Dying Violently
Dirche Kart 2
Doom and Destiny
Dragons Vs. Spaceships
T.E.C. 3001
Redd: The Lost Temple
Speed Runner
Take Arms
Katana Land
The Jump Hero
The Hearts of Men
Train Frontier Express
The Spirit of Kohn, Ep 1

Missing Footage - AvaGlide 2 - I wanted to get new footage but there was currently none available.  Instead view the first AvaGlide Footage

Music Track By : Benjamin Briggs ReMix:  'It's My Turn to Dream'

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