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Rage Clint: Deadly Premonition Playthrough (Part 1)

By: Daizoren

This video requires a little back story. A few months ago, over on the “I Watched the Entire Overblood Super Replay” Facebook group, two people, Cody Bauman and Clint Prentice, had a bet. This bet required Clint to only use youtube videos to make conversation in the group. He succeeded to do this except for the final day of the bet. For losing, he was forced to play a game that was absolutely terrible. After some polling was done, Deadly Premonition was decided to be the game that Clint would have to play all the way through, start to finish. This is that playthrough. Here’s a direct quote from Clint himself about this playthrough.

” There comes a time in every man’s life where he looses a ridiculous bet and has to do something stupid. This is that time for Clint Prentice. Join him as he rages through the crazy town of Greenvale with the wildest inhabitants you have ever known. This is insane. This is hilarious. This is Deadly Premonition.”


Check out the video below and enjoy Clint’s rage.



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