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Voice of Indie #XBLIG News: Indie Games Summer Uprising Sizzles With Great Indies!

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

“Indie Games Summer Uprising Sizzles with Great Indie Titles!″

By: Mr. Deeke

VVGtv has covered the updates and news behind the exciting Indie Games Summer Uprising on the coat-tails of last year’s holiday IGWU event. The upcoming summer uprising is sizzling with a host of hot and impressive Indie submissions from developers all over the world and from a host of different genres.

The IGSU event is sure to have something for every tiype of gamer out there with over sixty entries. Whether you’re a hardcore platformer fan or obsessed with RPG’s like myself. Vintage Video Games TV will keep our viewers up to date with news updates and details on nominees as they’re announced, so stay tuned!

Also check out the official Indie Games Summer Uprising trailer which can be found below. The trailer itself showcases a few of the favorites and most impressive games, but rest assured that there are plenty more to check out.

For more information on the Indie games Summer Uprising be sure to check the official website, and for a list of all the entries that are currently submitted, check out the games entry page.


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