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Esoterica America #XBLIG Review. Beware the enlightenment!

Developer – V7 Entertainment
Genre – Really Weird Spiritual Puzzler
Rating – 2.5 out of 5
Overall replay Value – Hardly any, Unless you like that sort of thing
Price – 240 Microsoft Points, The game is also 660 MB with not much content.
XBL Url – Here

Xbox Marketplace Description
Esoterica America is an exciting mystery that weaves together the world of secret societies, esoteric literature, and personal and collective enlightenment. Sam, the son of a venerable Illuminati, goes on a search to uncover the truth behind his father’s disappearance. Along the way, Sam encounters different lodges, different philosophies, and even different species.

Written By : Master Blud

It’s really hard to pin point this genre, I honestly would label it as a Deepak Chopra simulation if they had that sort of genre. As my first initial response to this title, I absolutely hated it, but, I kept playing and had an amusing time. Some others might not think so. So let’s get on with it already. There are the occasional puzzles, but the game is mostly made up of story telling and chanting aloud. You will definitely find yourself doing it a lot with this title.

It’s Sam’s birthday and he received a book from his thought to be dead father. The book, esoterica America unlocks secrets of true enlightenment as far as I can understand from the story line. This is where the Deepak Chopra part comes in and makes me feel like I’m playing a morbid version of a movie called the love guru, with no love obviously.

There is not much to this game, it was built as a flash XNA title, the game is pretty short, but being as a first chapter , what would you expect? There is one part of the game that is probably the most entertaining, you play as a marijuana farmer protecting your crops and shoot planes and things trying to destroy your precious crops.

Then there is the meditation process, the book tells you certain keys in order to achieve total enlightenment, this is also another fun mode in the game. The controls don’t really make me all that happy, as trying to maneuver yourself between areas, you will eventually get stuck and have to wiggle the joystick.

Visuals in this title are both gorgeous and ugly at some points. Some of the cutscenes just don’t feel like they should. The levels that you entered have a sort of cloudy backdrop and the building that sort of looks like what you would see in those portal videos. Not very shinny but still the game has some purpose doesn’t it? The sound is absolutely nerve racking, mostly the voice acting. It seems the developer had many different takes on different days and didn’t organize the sound properly. The music on the other hand is basically one track running in a loop, but I enjoyed the track as it just fits the whole overall aspect of the game.

It’s not for everyone, only those who seek some knowledge in their lives. Other then that, I can’t really recommend this title, this is probably one of the few I did not like. Don’t get me wrong, but I would rather have this title packed better and set for 80 Microsoft Points. The price is one of the many problems for this game as it takes you only 20 minutes to get through the actual game. Oh well I tried to like this game as much as I could, maybe someone else would like it.


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