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The Adventure of Shuggy #XBLA Review

Developer – Valcon Games and Smudge Cat Games
Genre – Puzzle/Platformer
Rating – 4.5 out of 5
Overall replay Value – Great to play with family and friends
Price – 800 Microsoft Points
XBL Url – Here

Written By: Master Blud

The Adventures of Shuggy, is a really cute game, sometimes unforgiving. This classic style platformer brings a great feeling to the Xbox Arcade titles. It may not look like much, but as I was playing I was completely enjoy myself, Minus the frustration. “Shuggy” as I like to call it, is a puzzle based platformer using the mechanics of the ever popular Xbox Indies such as TimeSlip and A Bombs Way from Smudge Cat Games.

The story takes place as Shuggy has inherited a spooked mansion, but in order to make this a proper place to live, Shuggy must make his way through six levels of the mansion, with 116 challenging puzzles. Going through various monsters, spiders, little creatures called shmuu to help you capture gems, and things that remind you of the Thwomp from Super Mario Brothers.

I found the gameplay to be both challenging yet enjoyable. As through this game you will find a ton of obstacles using the mechanics from the previous titles mentioned earlier. What I can recommend, is to visit the tutorial when playing this game so you can further enjoy your experience. A few of my absolute favorite features in the game is the ability to turn your room left or right, the multiple Shuggies to complete a level, and the TimeSlip. The Timeslip is the feature used in the Xbox Indie game “TimeSlip”. One of the other gameplay mechanics is from “A Bombs Way”, using your RT button to rotate your level in order to safely get through levels or guiding gems to your quarters. At this point I have found both the gameplay and controls pretty solid and acceptable for this type of game.

The level design is impeccable, with so many puzzles to keep you busy for quite some time. The visuals, are standard in my opinion, but cutesy altogether. The audible part of this game really does not have that much to it. Although most tough games give you a relaxing soundtrack, this one seems to have a mixture of both intense at some points and timid waves of sound. The overall sound effects fit right in with the visuals and gameplay, going from a jump, collecting gems, to finishing a level. It isn’t really important concentrating on just the graphics and sound at this point, still the gameplay is really fun.

I would have to recommend this title to anyone of any age, even if you are the regular Call of Duty player, take a break, get your mind moving. It isn’t everyday you come across a gem like this. The Adventures of Shuggy will be some you or you and your family can play for hours, grab the controllers and get playing.


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