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Voice of Indie #XBLIG News: Kung Fu FIGHT! Now Available

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

“Kung Fu FIGHT! Now Available on XBLIG″

By: Mr. Deeke

Kung Fu FIGHT! from Nostatic Software is now available on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace for 80 MSP ($1). This unique side-scrolling platformer-type Indie utilizes awesome pixelized graphics that remind players of early bit-style games seen in the golden age of gaming, and is a game that requires a surprising amount of focus and reflexes to play.

Kung Fu FIGHT! 80 MSP

Here at VVGtv we’ve had the privilege to preview this awesome Indie title, and the final version keeps the preview-build’s feel and overall hasn’t changed very much. The game itself is challenging, and definitely requires precision, focus, and patience. Kung Fu FIGHT! provides infinite replay-ability and is action-packed as players must dodge countless obstacles in the environment and attack enemy ninjas throughout the stages.

Kung Fu FIGHT!
  • Developer – Nostatic Software
  • Genre – Action & Adventure
  • Release Date – 6/17/2011
  • Price – 80 MSP ($1)

Fight the bad guys, save the girl – you know the drill!

–Xbox Live Marketplace Description

Kung Fu FIGHT!

(Click the picture link above to try the FREE DEMO of Kung Fu FIGHT!)

Check out the screenshots below and the accompanying video trailer to see the game in action. This title is recommended for players who enjoy focus and precision titles, especially platformers and side-scrollers.

Image from Kung Fu FIGHT!
Note the signature pixellized graphics and the Asian kung-fu style that’s reminds me of old imported dubbed kung fu flicks–the backgrounds often have Asiatic buildings and constructions as well.
Image from Kung Fu FIGHT!
Jump tabletops, kick obstacles, punch enemies or jump right over them–all of which require perfect timing and keen hand-eye coordination.

For more information on Kung Fu FIGHT! and the Independent XNA studio that developed it, Nostatic Software, please visit their official blogsite.


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