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Teaser Trailer Released for Xbox Indie Platformer “Volchaos”

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“Volchaos Teaser Trailer Released″

By: Mr. Deeke

Collect the gems in this enjoyable side-scrolling run and jump Indie platformer–defy the odds and dodge the rising tide of lava in Volchaos, coming soon to the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace this summer. Volchaos from FunInfused Games has also been entered into the upcoming Indie Games Summer Uprising event. Scroll to see the teaser at the bottom of the post.

VVGtv also has had the pleasure of previewing an early build of Volchaos, check that out here. Below is a description of the upcoming Indie from the development team FunInfused Game’s website and the teaser trailer made by VVGtv’s owner Ryan Donnelly.


Volchaos is an ultra-challenging old school platformer.

As a nameless explorer, you must navigate through dangerous volcanoes in search of precious gems you can use to pay off your mortgage, bad investments, and alimony.

To further complicate matters, the lava is continuously rising and an array of enemies stands in your path. Will you become rich? Heck, you will be lucky to survive.


Click this link if you’re having trouble viewing the video above.


For more information on Volchaos and the Independent XNA studio that developed it, FunInfused Games, please visit their official home page.





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