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Windhaven Coming to #XBLIG

Written By: Master Blud
Windhaven, what’s in a name? I certainly do not pay attention to the name. Your world of Windhaven becomes invaded, and you must defend it. Taking flight as many types of birds, an epic adventure is about to unfold.

Windhaven is one of the many entries in the Indie Games Summer Uprising, by the looks of it, I say it’s going to make it. I personally would love to play this game, I mean just look at it. Xbox Indie Games are sometimes looked down on, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing it. I myself love a good indie game, honestly I do. When developer put high quality into a title like this, it will definitely be worth your time investing in such beauty. The game is to be released for 400 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Indie Games sometime this summer. Here are the features the game has so for.

* 16 story missions, 24 challenge missions
* Unique control scheme captures the feeling of bird flight
* Painted story art with full voice acting
* Save the world of Windhaven from an extradimensional horde
* Refine your flying skills with racing, soaring and target shooting
* Free flight mode with realistic physics and 8 flyable birds.

Below are screen shots and teaser trailer of Windhaven.


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  1. como colocar pra jogar

    March 20, 2012 at 3:30 pm

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