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ShotGaming Indie Power Hour 3

Another great episode of drinking and gaming, especially playing xbox indie games, the folks over at ShotGaming always know how to make us laugh. I bring you another Indie Power Hour from

The Indie Power Hour is a twist on the drinking game of the same name. In our Power Hour we up the ante and dive into the Xbox Live Indie Arcade by playing the last 12 released Xbox Live Indie titles. No cheating, gotta go right down the list! The objective is to play each game for at least 5 minutes, when the demo times out. If you can’t stand playing, you take a shot to skip to the next game. If you played two games without skipping, take a shot. This isn’t wise to play at home, as you could have a max of 12 shots in less than an hour, I’m not sure anyone could survive that. So lean back and watch the pros at ShotGaming tackle the best the homebrew has to offer us!

This week’s titles:
Brain Jump, Udder Chaos, Help Fight Breast Cancer, Starzzle, UltraViolet, Bomb those Wheelers, Farbles, Zombie Death Zone, Maze Game, Bombies, Kinetic Cubes, Monster Talk,


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