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TIC Part 1 To release on June 21st on the #XBLIG

Earlier this month we uncovered a new title coming to the Xbox Indie Game Marketplace, that was absolutely Jaw-Dropping in visuals. The only thing is that it isn’t just about the visuals, looking at the trailer I can see that I will be tied up in this game for a review for probably several days. With this I bring you the official press release from Red Candy Games.

RedCandy Games has slated the release date for their anticipated first installment of the four-part episodic series, TIC:Part 1, for Tuesday June 21, 2011. The RedCandy Games team will be hosting a handful of pre-release promotions over the next week across their Twitter, website and Facebook Pages for a chance to win a free download of the game when it hits the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace early next week for 240msp.

Recently TIC:Part 1 took home multiple awards from the RPI Gamefest including 1st place and People’s Choice awards, sponsored by Agora Games, Vicarious Visions, and Zynga. The game has been featured across popular indie gaming press including Gamergeddon, XBLAFans, XBLA Ratings, Armless Octopus and N4G.

In TIC: Part 1, players take on the role of a unicycling, wall-drilling, helicoptering mining robot across the first three chapters of the 2.5D action-adventure platformer coming to Xbox Live Indie Games. The game was developed using RedCandy Games’ proprietary engine, “JawBreaker,” to facilitate in-game level/challenge editing and aid in the implementation of the game’s unique 3D-composited art-style.

To learn more about Red Candy Games go to Red Candy Games Website or follow them on twitter Red Candy Games Twitter.


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