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Voice of Indie #XBLIG News: “Poopocalypse” Now Available on XBLIG

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

“Poopocalypse Now Available on XBLIG Marketplace”

By: Mr. Deeke

VVGtv is happy to report that the anticipated Xbox Indie title Poopocalypse is now available on the XBLIG Marketplace for 80 MSP. Wolpertinger Games brings us a hilariously zany and enjoyable Indie with emphasis on, well, poop…what else? This game utilizes twin-stick mechanics and angular flight-path controls with arc physics–players can glide in arcs of ascent and descent all while launching a never-ending stream of white pigeon poop on the unsuspecting world below.

Poopocalypse 80 MSP

Queue the rock music and hide the bird feed because this pigeon is out for revenge, taking aim and splattering avian droppings everywhere. Gamers are sure to laugh and have a blast playing this game, if not for the actual gameplay mechanics but for the humorous aspect of being able to control a pigeon and rain down a flowing torrent of “revenge” down below.
Wolpertinger strikes again in a release that’s perfect for the Xbox Indies marketplace–with a myriad of “inappropriate” titles on the marketplace today, Poopocalypse adds to the hilarity with this original XBLIG title.
  • Developer – Wolpertinger Games
  • Genre – Shooter
  • XBL Marketplace URLPoopocalypse
  • Release Date – 6/15/2011
  • Price – 80 MSP ($1)
Click the picture link below to try the Free Demo:
Go on a pooping spree as a vengeful, fat pigeon! This twin-stick poop’em up comes with a big load of famous pristine landmarks, a hot pile of squishy trophies and an online top droppers highscore list! You are the messenger of the Poopocalypse!
–Xbox Live Marketplace Description
Image from Poopocalypse
Wolpertinger’s signature style is also reflected in this release, using their flair for cartoonish animation. The use of reds and blacks compliment the game’s style as well, giving it a unique look and design that sets it apart from other Indies on the market. The visuals are enjoyable, and the graphics aren’t 3D but they are still enjoyable and crisp for an Xbox Indie.
Image from Poopocalypse
This game also has a few supplemental features such as two dozen or so Trophies–which act like Awardments, or mock achievements designed to add replay-ability to the game itself–and Online High Scores that allow competitive players to compare their scores.

wolpertinger games logo slogan

For more information on Poopocalypse and the Independent XNA studio that developed it, Wolpertinger Games, please visit their official Facebook Page. Other XBLIG titles from Wolpertinger Games:


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