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Advertise Your #XBLIG For Free with VVGtv

Dear #XBLIG Developers,
I have come up with a great proposition for you, I was thinking very lightly today on the bus on my way to pick up my daughter, and thought, “Hey we have a random header option on VVGtv, How bout Developers Advertise on the VVGtv Header of their Xbox Indie Title. What? That is great!!! I know you would think so.

Here is the deal, it is simple. What you have to do is make a header at 950 × 200 pixels saving it as a .png file with a transparent background like we have in the header. What Else? Oh I haven’t gotten to the best part, You can put your game title in there, along with any characters and TITLE, and saying it is available on the Xbox Indie Game Marketplace for (Set Amount Price) or Coming Soon. Also to make this official. You have to Include one of the 2 VVGtv Logos in there shown below, that way the viewer or reader still knows they are at  We also accept PC Indies as well.  So if you are interested, please contact us.

Update on more advertising your game:  To be simple about it, you see how our background is right now?  Well we would love to have your game featured on the release date for a few days.  It does not have to be too spicy as it will be put up when your game releases and stay there for a few days.  Some might ask that it conflict with other releases, this is what is going to happen.  You will have 3 days only for your advertisement to be placed on the site for your game, then the next available candidate will go after you.  If there is a stretch of time where we do not get requests, we will put your background back up for all to see and randomize it bi-daily.  I have attached at the end of this paragraph a *.psd file for you to use.  You will have to have the background behind layer 37 in order for us to use it.  Enjoy and thanks again.  Make sure to say that your title is available now, will not accept coming soon titles for backgrounds, you can use the header advertisement for that option.

Right Click this link and save as please:

VVGtv *.PSD AdFile

UPDATE:Your Header can be animated (GIF Format), Oh pretty!!!!!! Huh?

That’s It. All you need to know.

Hope this helps everyone. Also gratuity is well appreciated, and the funds will be spread through the staff.
Send the .png file to

The VVGtv Staff


One response

  1. This is an excellent idea! Will definitely do in the near future.

    July 25, 2011 at 7:18 pm

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