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Voice of Indie #XBLIG News: “Dragons vs. Spaceships” Entered for DBP

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

“Dragons vs. Spaceships Entered in DBP Competition”

By: Mr. Deeke

On this iteration of VVGtv’s Voice of Indie XBLIG News we’ll be taking a look at an upcoming Xbox Indie release and DBP entry called “Dragons vs. Spaceships”, a retro-styled top-down vertical shooter that is reminiscent to early Sega Genesis titles. The game itself makes use of pretty impressive graphics as well as the signature fast-paced action found in nearly all shmup titles, and incorporates the use of mythical dragons–what more could you want?!

Dragons vs. Spaceships is an upcoming Xbox Live Indie Game release that’s planned to be an entrant to this year’s Dream. Build. Play. 2011 competition. At it’s heart, this Xbox Indie release is a top-down vertical-scrolling shooter with retro gameplay mechanics and classic, old-school elements. Players take the persona of a mighty dragon who must fight his way through a variety of technologically advanced enemies, using graceful evasive maneuvers and dodging enemy attacks through the skies.

“Dragons Vs Spaceships is a top down shooter developed by Game Production Studios for Dream Build Play. Dragons Vs Spaceships seeks to capture the essence of the genre, while putting a new spin on old conventions. Travel across many worlds destroying the enemy, using three weapon types that combine for a total of six special weapons.

Fun and challenging, players will quickly master the controls, but will have a more difficult time downing the legion of Spaceships that stand in their way on the path to victory. There’s no telling who will lose the war, but the winner will be the player.

–Official Dragons VS Spaceships Website

A brief history of The Dragons:

“It had been known for centuries, the natural order of the universe: that all beings were to pay homage to the absolute rulers of the entire cosmos, The Dragons. Their power unmatched by a thousand burning stars, their lore containing the entirety of time and before, The Dragons fulfilled lifespans so long that entire galaxies formed from burning embers and were consumed by novas, without their even aging.

These were the grand creatures of all being, perfectly sculpted and insurmountable in conflict. The sheer radiance and wonder of The Dragons inspired untold amounts of jealousy. In time though, vain species would arise without the proper knowledge and respect for the might of The Dragons, and attempts were made over and over by foolish civilizations to usurp The Dragons’ power, but like waves crashing upon the rocky cliffs of mountains, attempts were pitifully inept.

–Official Dragons VS Spaceships Website

For more information on Dragons vs. Spaceships and the Independent XNA team that developed it, Game Production Studios, please visit their official website.


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