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Silver Dollar Games, Fatal Seduction?!

Article By: Master Blud

WARNING: Some Content Might Not Be Suitable for Younger Audiences, You are advised.

It seems Silver Dollar Games has come back with more of what looks like to be some sort of murder mystery/what?   As I sat back and watched these sort of Teaser Trailers and then the final gameplay trailer, I was like, Huh?  How does that even fit.  Although I have no played this game, the video footage looks like something out of a creepy Alfred Hitchcock film with what seems to be Diary Logs read aloud for your to hear.  Another thing that made me jump, was the actual trailer and the shrilling voice that reminded me of Zelda Rubinstein from those creepy old school movies.  Nonetheless I bring to you Silver Dollar Games new title, set to release in Early July.

To know more about this game visit Silver Dollar Games

The Actual Trailer is posted first, where as the teasers and making of the game is after.




Making of Fatal Seduction


One response

  1. Jonathan

    Silver Dollar takes gold in the 2012 Dream.Build.Play contest.

    August 31, 2012 at 2:11 pm

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