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Voice of Indie #XBLIG News: Trinity Wars RPG in Development

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

“Trinity Wars – Episode I in Development”

By: Mr. Deeke

From the independent XNA studio TnT Gaming comes a new 3-D RPG with stunning graphics and impressive visuals that seem to set the bar for realistic, non-avatar role-playing games. TnT Gaming has been developing Trinity Wars – Episode I for some time now, but details have been released that the game is planned for a release in December–yet that may change.

The rich story arc that infuses the team’s first Xbox Indie release, Trinity Wars Prologue: The Spine of the World, is prevalent throughout the upcoming title. Trinity Wars Episode I is set to be the first of many titles, possibly comprising a wide saga of planned releases.

Here are a few details about the game taken from TnT Gaming’s official website:

Episode 1 focuses on the events after the end of Spine of the World, and the start of the Champion’s journey.  Dominus and Dimitri will join forces with a mysterious prophet and a wandering assassin on their way to the elven forest.  A local Beldarian sorceress who threatens the Borderlands will try to stop the Champion’s quest.  It is in these early adventures that Dominus learns of the role he must play in the coming conflict.

Overview –Trinity Wars is a 3D Console style RPG.  The player controls a party of 4-6 champions.  Trinity Wars promises to be the most complete and true RPG to hit XBLIG to date, and is a fully realized world brought to life through a vivid and real 3D environments and characters.Combat System – Combat takes place in an active battle environment.  Time constantly flows as you select the actions that your champions will take.  Both players and enemies are organized into 2 rows.  This adds an extra layer of strategy and unique combat dynamics.  Weapon range becomes very important, as a champion with a short-ranged weapon will be open to counter-attacks if he choses to attack an enemy in the back row.
Character Growth –Champions earn experience by defeating enemies in battles.  When a specified amount of experience is gained, the champions will gain a level.  Higher levels increase the champion’s attributes and allow access to more powerful abilities.Titles –Each of the champions has access to 5 different titles.  Each champion receives a powerful passive ability that is dependent on their currently selected title.  As you learn more powerful abilities that are connected to that title, the title’s passive ability grows in strength.Abilities – Champions also earn abilitiy points in battle, which can be spent freely on abilities from any title that the champion has access to.  Abilities range from passive skills that increase your combat ability, to powerful magic spells that rain down death and destruction on your enemies.  This open system allows the player total customization in how each champion fights in battle.

Weapons – All champions can wield any weapon found in the game.  Although a Swordsman will be more effective with a sword than a priest, all champions have access to all weapons found in the game.  Champions can even chose to dual-wield, using a sword in each hand for added combat ability.
Enchanting – Champions can find gems and magical runes that allow them to impart powerful enchantments to their weapons.  This extra layer of customization allows players even more control over how their champions fight.
Storyline – The incredible story of Trinity Wars is vivdly told and acted out by a cast of almost a dozen actors and actresses.

For more information please visit TnT Gaming’s official website and the game’s Facebook Page.

Check out the first Trinity Wars game from TnT Gaming on the XBLIG marketplace:

TWP Spine of the World

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