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Voice of Indie #XBLIG News: Perkunas’ Dragon RPG Shooter in Development

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

Xbox Indie title “Perkunas’ Dragon” in Development

By: Mr. Deeke

A rather exciting Xbox Indie mashup title has been announced and is currently in development stages and will be available soon on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace. This game is quite promising and fuses RPG elements with shooter mechanics to provide for unique XBLIG gaming entertainment. This first chapter of the series, Perkunas’ Dragon Episode One: Lost in an Unknown Land, is the debut release in the saga that’s to span multiple releases to the XBLIG marketplace.

This Xbox Indie title is being developed by the independent XNA team Middle Lands Studio.

Perkunas’ Dragon


Once upon a time, when people could not yet grasp the laws of nature, they would pray to the Gods for help with the difficulties in their lives. They would offer sacrifices upon the altars when drought arrived and the crop withered under the ruthless sunbeams. They called upon the Gods for help when they suffered from hunger, cold or sickness.

Not much changed during the reign of Duke Radbod. A strange disease attacked his country, quietly and insidiously, killing humans and animals alike. Radbod prayed to great Perkunas and the God heard his prayers. However, instead of help, he sent a dragon…

Game Description:

Perkunas’ Dragon is a top-down RPG shooter indie game. You can play with Zithira the Dragoness who needs to find her way from an unknown land. The unknown land is a mystic land full of creatures from the Slavonic mythology. Zithira flies through a map and meets various people who live in this area. She has to help them because  they are the only ones who know the right way from the unknown land…

The main ideas of this game are the magic spells and their combinations. Each creature you kill, will earn you some experience. Then you can use the experience earned, to upgrade the spell’s level. There are fifteen completely different types of magic spells. The tricky thing is to choose the right magic spell for the specific situation. For example you can catch the eagle in the light prison. He won’t be able to move anymore and it will be an easy target.

For more information on Perkunas’ Dragon please visit the official Facebook Page.


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