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Papercraft #XBLIG Review

By: Master Blud
Have you ever just wonder back in grade school, what it would be like to take your paper airplane you made in art class, and take it on an adventure. Well if you haven’t, then shame on you. Imagination surely comes into play when playing Papercraft. Let us take a look into the world of desktop paraphernalia.

 Developer – Vicinity Games
Genre – Shooter
XBL Marketplace URL – Here
Release Date – 5/17/2011
Try or Buy? – Woah Buddy, Buy it, Put that Paper Away!!
Price – 80 MS Points
Rating – 4 out of 5

It’s like if Rambo got all of James Bond’s tech into Maverick’s fighter jet that was made out of paper. The thinking man’s 4 player co-op twin-stick action shooter. As deep or as shallow as you like. Get your meta-game on with strategic resource and upgrade management, open world mission selection, and on-the-fly tactical adjustments. Or just shoot, dodge, power-up and get the high score. Description

Ok so let’s start out this review. The first time I loaded up this game, it had a cute menu, AWWW. Next going into the campaign, I found myself sort of confused, but later on I sort of figured out what to do exactly. this game could have possibly given me a papercut of frustration. But that isn’t the worst part. The game is certainly a challenge, to me anyways. I am one for the Shmups (Shoot em ups), taking the time to browse through the menus and game mechanics, left me kicking more ass then I did in the previous level.

As I have completely overlooked, I found an upgrade menu shown above, if you do not upgrade, you really can’t move on to the next areas. If you go to the world map you will see what it actually takes to complete the level, such as Cargo, Fuel and Weapon upgrades. The most important factor is Cargo and Fuel for the most part, but when getting in a bullethell of crumbled up paper being shot at you, upgrading your weapon is a must.

There is also Co-Op Functions in the game. where you can play with 4 players same console.  I myself was not able to get 3 other players, but was able to at least get one to play with me.  It was a bit frustrating as some of the visuals will will confuse all the other players between the meshing colors of the bullets, enemies, and allies.

The overall visual style used in the game is, you guessed it, paper and other office supplies that may be used.  I do have to say besides claymation and felt being in some games nowadays, paper and stickfigures is the way to save money in this tough economy when looking for artwork for your game.  The developer really played it smart in this title, not to sound as corny as some might say, but this game just screams 5th grade all over it.  There should be a Teacher Boss in a sequel, put a paperclip at the end of the tip and chuck that plane right at the head.

The soundtrack, as I seemed to have a problem with it, not really hype enough for me to sit there longer then 15 minutes playing at a time.  I did have to take a break after those 15 minutes, reason being as you get on to later levels, the skies just become a whole mess of paper war and you can’t really see where you are going.  The sound effects in here are just plain and don’t have that much a snap to it, well…..what the hell did you expect paper to do? Explode?  The one thing I would have changed would be the soundtrack on some levels, as it just seems too mellow to listen to when trying to bring down other planes or turrets.


It is really hard to say if this game is right for you, but if you are into linear shooter based games, then this title is a definite pick for you.  I mean honestly and truthfully I have a blast playing this game, it hits a certain area that brings me back to paper art back in grade school.

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